Glacier Park Photographer

Glacier Park Photographer
Fall In Glacier National Park ©

Saturday, October 7, 2017

Fall in Glacier National Park, Big Sky Journal Interviews Tony Bynum

Glacier National Park is a paradise. People often emerge from their first visit to the Park and feel like their lives have been forever fundamentally changed. At the very least, no one ever forgets their first visit to Glacier National Park.

A cow moose wanders across a small pond in Glacier National Park, Montana. © Tony Bynum
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People often return to take more photographs, smell the flowers, hike and climbed the peaks and raft the rivers. So when the Editors of the Big Sky Journal called Tony to talk to him about fall wildlife photography in Glacier, he was happy to talk.

Big Sky Journal Interview

Tony Bynum talks about photography in Glacier National Park in this interview published in the Big Sky Journal. You'll also find two other interviews one from a bird photographer, the other about photographing in Yellowstone.

You can find the entire article online here at this link Tony Bynum Interview - Big Sky Journal

Or, you can purchase the Magazine, either by subscription, or the newsstand in Montana.


As of September 6, 2017, fall colors are outstanding on the west-side, but fading on the east. A recent cold snap and snow froze the much of the remaining foliage slowing its transformation from green to brilliant orange and yellow. Many areas still have green leaf's next to trees with no leaf's left.

The following day, stiff winds stripped away a lot of the ripe leaves. There still are pockets of color, and it's still worth a trip. I predict however that after next week, the color will be mostly gone from the east side.
"Sunrise sun on Rising Wolf" Rising Wolf Mountain, Two Medicine Vally, Glacier National Park, Montana. © Tony Bynum

Go Photograph the Larch 

That's not all bad because just as we lose all the color on the east side, the larch begins to go crazy on the west. I recommend you check them out too.

Larch trees in Glacier National Park, Montana 

Colorful larch trees layered in front of green fir trees and a snow covered hill in Glacier National Park, Montana 

Stong contrast from the bright orange of the fall larch creates a nice visual. 

A larch fired ridgeline descends down into Kintla Lake on Glacier Natioanl Park's West Side. The fall larch is a sight to behold. 

Colorful Larch trees reflect in ripply waters of the Flathead River, Glacier National Park, Montana 

Click here for more photographs of fall trees

Have a great fall!

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