Glacier Park Photographer

Glacier Park Photographer
Fall In Glacier National Park ©

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Clearing Skys. . .


Anonymous said...

Dude, do the LDS recruiters come up and knock on your door anymore?

Hope you're doing well. Cool pictures.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Bynum,
Congratulations on your recent entry into the blogosphere. After checking out your site, I now know where to look on the web if I ever start jonesin' for some pictures of Glacier National Park (GNP). Holy smokes and Jesus, it looks like every once in a while you'll also rap about the weather at GNP. I'd say the niche you're trying to fill just about actually qualifies as a niche.

How about stirring it up a bit? Mix in a rant about poaching, elaborate on GNP Blackfeet Indian relations, East Glacier hot spots, Blackfeet politics as viewed by an outsider, your thoughts on GNP management, the lack of poon in East Glacier, and as for some edgy borderline artsy photos of the fairer sex now and then. I know the chance of seeing an artful picture of a hot chick at cold GNP would be incentive enough for me to check your site now and then.

I'm thinking you need to take my idea and run with it. Get started on a "GNP Hot and Cold" calendar for next year. And use the calendar to pre-market your web, and or paper magazine. Heck, I'm thinking you could be the Larry Flynt of GNP. See it, believe it, and be it.

Consider all the advice and ideas in this post a gift to mark your birth into the blogging community. If you should wish to further benefit from my services, submit your respectful request for said services and I will consider your request at my earliest convenience. Happiness and health to you and yours.