Glacier Park Photographer

Glacier Park Photographer
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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Cold Morning

Well, it was all of 6 degrees this morning! Nice, crisp, truck hardly starts, end of march morning. Now, all we need is a little white stuff (it's smells like it's in the air already) and a stiff 50-60 MPH wind to get this day going right! LOL. Maybe another duck shot to help us feel a little warmer. . . It's going to be an interesting spring in the park, if it stays cold. If youre planing to come out early and go high, better think about getting a pair of lightweight spikes for your boots/hiking shoes. They are great for walking on hard, ice packed slopes or trails. I use a pair of Kahtoola Micro spikes, they are NOT crampons, in that the spikes are not long enough to be useful in the deeper snow and ice, but they are great for light hiking and trails. I dont recommend them for extreme mountaineering, just light to moderate trial hiking. . .


familiaoleen said...

Hey Tony - your pics are looking good! I need to bookmark this site now too!

Garrett (ROY from MM)

familiaoleen said...

Tony - your pics are looking good! Looks like it is starting to warm up there! No -'s in front of those numbers! Looks like I need to bookmark this site too!

(ROY from MM)