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Glacier Park Photographer
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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Thanks, Spring, Sun Road Still Closed, the Moon

First, thank you all who’ve emailed me about conditions in the Park. If you have questions please continue to ask. . .

Weather -

Well after the last storm I think Mother Nature is now serious about summer. The temps are in the 70’s with frost in the morning, typical for this time of year. I spent a couple days shooting the west side of the park, near Pole Bride and brought home some decent images.

Logan Pass – Going to the Sun Road -

As of today, there is no set date for the Sun Road Opener, it’s “nip and tuck” according to the Park Service. Last weeks snow dumped 2 feet of fresh, heavy spring snow that now has to be removed. This obviously sets back, again the opener, it was tentatively set for June 14.

Light -

The days are long now with the solstice just around the corner (full moon Wednesday night!). My shooting days start with getting out of bed at 3:30 to make it to my destination by 5 am. The light is just right, on sunny days to shoot from about 5:15 until about 6:30 or until the light gets too “hot.” Some cloud cover is expected this week, so that will help things.

Flowers -

The wild flowers on the east side are as beautiful as I’ve ever seen them, just an outstanding year for flowers, lets hope it continues as things will be simply spectacular on Logan pass by August, I cant wait!

The Moon –

With a bit of cloud cover I was unable to get the moon as it peaked above the horizon, I settled for this one instead, that is Heart Butte below the moon.

Happy Shooting,

Tony Bynum

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