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Glacier Park Photographer
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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Cold, Wet, Windy, Snow

Well, it's been cold the past few days and snow has even fallen on the peaks in the park. I'm sure the flowers in the higher areas of the Park have not grown much in the past few days. I would not be surprised to see some of them miss their bloom this year. On the bright side, I think our fire season is about over, that's a blessing!

If any of you plan to be in East Glacier Park this Friday, August 29, please stop in to the Glacier Impression Gallery. It's located on Hwy 2 in east glacier park, right along the "strip" and in the same building as the Glacier Village Restaurant. It will be open fro 5:30 to 8:30 PM.



Anonymous said...

Hi Tony - Really nice work! I plan to be in Glacier around the 15th of September. Will your shop still be open?

I was wondering if I really needed an UWA for the park. Shouldn't 17mm on a 1.6x body be enough? Thx. said...

Lens choice always is a matter of preference. I shoot many Glacier Park images with a 70-200 and 17-35. That said, as long as youre using a good quality wide angle, with minimal distortion, and you know it's limits, wider is better for many places. Many of the landscape shots, on this blog are shot at 14mm on 1.5x nikons. So, you can do well with a 17mm on a 1.6 but personally after having shot the Park for a number of years, I'd be sure to have a 10 or a 12mm lens in my bag! said...

I forgot to tell you that, yes, the glacier Impressions gallery will be "open" until the end of september. I or one of the other two artists try to be there in the evenings on friday and saterday. If you stop in, and there is no one there or you want to talk to me just call, my cards and contact info are there, in the gallery, and I live only a block from their so it's easy for me to run over if you want to talk. . .