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Glacier Park Photographer
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Friday, May 1, 2009

Glacier Blizzard 2009 AND MORE SNOW!!!

NEWS FLASH, it still is snowing here in East Glacier Park! LOL - really, if you were living here it would not be a news flash, old man winter is holding on with a death grip this season.

After the blizzard subsided on Thursday, we did get a day of reprieve, but today (Friday), it's snowing hard again, and 26 degrees! The flakes are coming down and it's piling up as type. ON the bright side, there's no wind this time, but the flakes are huge and temp. . .

The blizzard we experience earlier in the week was quite an ordeal. The roads all closed, people were and still are stranded in their homes and who knows where all the waterfowl went! That said, the highway department did a great job on highway 2 and highway 89. . . thanks guys!

If youre interested in seeing a few more shots of the East Glacier Area you can find then here, on my website:

Highway 2 looking south out of town

The "chicken-coop" on Montana Avenue (worker housing, it use to be a home for chickens).
Looking west from the train station at the Glacier Park Lodge in East Glacier Park, MT

Looking west from highway 2 at the train crossing. . . .
To see more images, go to my website here:

I'll up date this when the sun comes out and the snow melts! I hop to see you all again some day. . . LOL

Tony Bynum

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