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Glacier Park Photographer
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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Spring Really is Here!

I managed to get out for a nice 25 mile hike this past weekend and what a great day it was! Trails are opening, people are starting to show up in greater numbers, weather is improving and things are going great! This image I got lucky to find while I was leaving St. Mary's Falls.

The last spring snow we had hit during the peak of the balsam bloom and set much of it back, even damaged a good bit of the bloom in most places. That said, the middle elevation flowers are looking great and i'll bet if things keep up weather wise, the first week of July will see some spectacular blooms, and the opener of the Going to the Sun Road.

It's true, it's going to be that late this year. I'll bet they get it open by the 4th of July, but dont hold me to that, just check the website, they update it regularly. . .

I also had a chance to fly the Rocky Mountain Front which for me was a first. The air was great, and views were spectacular!

I'm heading out to shoot the annual fathers day Ranch Roping in Pincher Creek Alberta, it's always one of my personal favorites . . .


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Brokentine said...

You are an amazing photographer. I have seen your work on monster muleys and love looking at your website and blog.

I am wanting to get more into photography as a hobby and was wondering what the best way to learn new technics and knowledge on taking nature photos? Any advice would be helpful. Thanks