Glacier Park Photographer

Glacier Park Photographer
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Thursday, January 7, 2010

The First Week of 2010 - "The Day After"

At the end of the first week of the new year the clouds finally parted and the sun came out to reveal bright snowy mountains and wonderful views of the Crown of the Continent and Glacier National Park.  It's been weeks since the views were available since it's either been snowing, cloudy, or both.  There just is something magical about this place and it's crown. The mountains when in view help to hem in, or put a shoulder on an otherwise plain plain. . .  Not that the prairie is ugly or less beautiful, but few would argue that at this time of year, at least, the mountains and their relief offer much more to the view than flat, white prairie plains. . .

The first day after a snow storm usually brings with it wonderful outdoor conditions - for people living along the rocky mountain front, "wonderful outdoor conditions," this time of year, means no wind - knock on wood . .  .  The no wind conditions usually are short lived, so we get out and enjoy those conditions.  So short lived are "no wind" days, i like to get out as soon as i can see to take advantage of it. Later later that afternoon the wind started to blow and began to push all the snow back to the heavens.

Today is the day after the day after the storm, and guess what, it's still blowing!

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Sight Seer said...

Great Picture! I plan to ride my motorcycle to Glacier National Park this July. I suppose there still could be some snow? said...

yes, there will be snow on the going to the sun road. Best bet is to wait till the end of july but better, the first of august. . . that said, i've seen 6 inches of snow on my front porch in august. . . You'll have a blast no matter what you do, just watch out for wildlife, every year people on motorcycles hit deer on hwy 2!