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Glacier Park Photographer
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Friday, February 26, 2010

Glacier Park, Montana Weather, Indian Days & the Grill

Lets start with the conditions around Glacier National Park, at least as I know them currently, from the east side. Today, sunny, warm and windy. Last two months, warm days, cool nights, no snow – that pretty much sums up the entire winter. . . since before Christmas when we had a very early minus 30 f cold snap.

So weather-wise, by local standards, even though it snows here on and off till July, winter is over in a couple weeks, if not already. Sure we’re not na├»ve; we’ll get another blast or two, but for the most part the snow likely wont catch up. It could, but it likely won’t. Its been too warm here for too long and with the folks back east still digging out, or well, some are waiting till the current blizzard is over before they start in again with the snow shovels . . . it is not likely that the weather pattern here will change significantly enough to change things - strange year for sure. I think we're at about 55% of average. . . I’m glad I’m not a fish. So, no discussion these days about unusual weather patterns is complete without asking if this is climate change or“normal” variability – answer, how about lets leave that for the experts and a few mid western politicians with zero science credentials to debate. . .

Now for my thoughts on photography. You should by now be anticipating or at least planning your summer photography journey; if you have not started maybe this post is the inspiration you need. Why not do a little online home work, and find out as much as you can about the area you want to photograph, before you get there? You might find that there are events or places or things you want to see and could easily adjust your schedule to take in another unique experience or two.

For example, how many people know that if they come to the east side of Glacier National Park the week after the 4th of July, they can observe North American Indian Days AND photograph the Park? Why not add the NAID in Browning, MT to your adventure and do both? Also, if you’re inclined to do a bit more research, check the Crown of the Continent  for a ton of great ideas and information about the region starting at the Crows Nest Pass in Alberta and covering the rockies south to the end of the Bob Marshall Wilderness at Lincoln, go check it out and do a search, I'm sure you'll find lots of interesting ideas!

How about a note on my wildlife photography plans. I’m getting ready for waterfowl season, the birds usually start showing in about a week and from mid March though April in the right places things can be very prolific. Stay tuned for more about ducks in the weeks to come when I’ll share a story or two about photographing waterfowl  . . . Image is of Pintails in courtship flight.

BTW, Mark said to tell every one hi, he's done some remodeling at the Two Medicine Grill so be sure you put it on your list of places to eat when you're in East Glacier Park this summer!





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