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Glacier Park Photographer
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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Glacier National Park Early Spring Photography and Great Light

After 10 winters living on the eastern flanks of the crown of the continent and Glacier National Park, I've discovered that "warm" weather in the early spring equates to dramatic light and great clouds.  When it's cold here the light is dull and gray, when it's warm, say freezing or above, the light improves.  

If it's not already apperent, light is the single most important property in photography.  Light is everything and in Glacier National Park and the Rock Mountain Front of Montana, you can be sure that the light will change with the seasons.

Early warmth in the spring often leads to dramatic light reflecting off of long, stratified clouds that parallel the mountain front.  This is shot was taken just before the sun went away for the evening - it was captured from just north of East Glacier Park, Montana.

Shot handheld, f8@125th iso 200 @ 50mm.  I expect more light like this in the weeks ahead.  The last time we saw this early warm weather and snow melted by April I captured this image and many more. . .

The next image of Sinopah, was captured at sunrise, it was shot at 1/8th @ f16 iso 100, gitzo tripod, Kiser ball head, and a one stop split ND grad handheld to cut down the sky (it is not a HDR, i processes all my images in Lightroom).  Remember to use the filters with caution, the reflection should always be darker than the subject.  This image framed @ 18x36" is available in my gallery  "Glacier Impressions," East Glacier Park, MT.

I have not seen a year with that kind of regular dramatic light before or since, till now.  While I cant predict the future and I dont know what the weather will be like in the May and June, but if I had to guess I'd say this will be a great year for light, plan your trips!

BTW, if you're an American Idol fan, how about that Crystal Bowerstox singing  Bobby Megee - Wow, she's the real deal!


Greg Neils said...

Thank you for posting such great pictures along with some photography info and advice. I found you because someone else on recommended your site. Thanks again!

Tammie Lee said...

gorgeous absolutely gorgeous Tony.
wonderful that you got to see these sights and to do such a beautiful job photographing them.