Glacier Park Photographer

Glacier Park Photographer
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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Glacier National Park, Snow is Back and Bears are Active

Today in East Glacier Park, we received about 4 inches of new snow and the air was 22 degrees this morning!  What a nice surprise since we have had such little snow this winter.  It's not enough to make up for much of our water deficit, but it's nice to see.  Ironically, there we several bear sightings over the weekend too.  I also heard my first black bird of the year.  You forget how nice bird sounds are when you hear so few of them for so long.  Most birds fly south for the winter months.

Be sure to review your bear safety tactics and have your bear spray handy on your hip if you plan to be in the Park or out in the bush anytime soon!

To review some bear safety advise you can check here:

Montana State Bear Safety

I believe in much of what is said on the Fish Wildlife and Parks site about Grizzly bears having had to put much of it into practice over the years. . .

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