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Glacier Park Photographer
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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Bighorn Sheep Photography

The forecast is for snow and high winds.  While checking the forecast the other day i noticed that the new storm approaching likely would shut down access to big horn sheep for the season so I decided to take a run up into the mountains to see what i could find. The trip was worth the effort and the storm approached from the northwest.  In an effort to to address the recent poll (at the top of this blog) I've made a short clip and addressed gear, and as you will see, fall conditions.

Take a moment and watch this short video of the my adventure.  It's a series of short clips linked together to give you a first hand view of truth about what photographing wild bighorn sheep can be like.  You'll notice that about 2/3 of the way though the video I start slurring my speech a bit, that's not because I'm sipping whiskey to stay warm, it's because my face is starting to freeze up making it difficult to get the words out correctly.  Click play and sit back and enjoy this short clip.

Today, I'm sitting here in East Glacier less then 24 hours later, it's snowing and 18 degrees, the storm is here and I'll have to wait another year to finish that quest. The great thing about nature photography, at least for me, is that everyday brings a new and potentially life changing experience.  Seldom do I find the same thing happening on consecutive days.  Even if I'm in the same location with the same subject, there's always something new to see.  For me that is what makes this business exciting.  With each day and each new sunrise comes a completely new opportunity to find another natural treasure.

I'm looking forward to what the big cold storm will leave in it's wake, and you should look forward to finding out by signing up for my blog feed!  It's the only real way you'll be sure to keep track of the conditions in Glacier National Park and elsewhere . . .  If you're interested in going on a photography adventure or learning from me while you're in Montana, send me an email or call, we can arrange customized photography sessions. or call me, 406-226-9151.

Now on to new adventures!



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