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Glacier Park Photographer
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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Glacier National Park in the Winter

Hello folks, it's been an exciting few weeks for weather around here as the following video will reveal.  This is several short clips I shot over the course of the last two days.  Yesterday, January 19th was spectacular, and then today - Oh what a difference a day makes!  Watch this short, East Glacier Park, Browning area video.

New Portfolios
Aside from making this short video, I've been working on marketing and and put up some new portfolios on my new website.  I have new wildlife, new glacier national park, and new hunting portfolios available.  I've also been working on my linkedin profile and added to that a portfolio of north american big game wildlife images.

I'll have to admit, I really like the marketing side of the photography business.  Not more than shooting of course, but the people you meet and the interesting things you learn along they way motivate me more and more each day to work harder and create better more appealing images.  I only wish there were more hours in a day.

We also are getting prepared for the spring opener of Glacier Impressions Gallery.  I sell fine art prints during the summer months here in East Glacier Park.  Here's a link to the gallery web site if you're interested.  And if you're on facebook, here's the Glacier Impressions facebook page.

In order to make a living at this, particularly in today's age of tweet this, twit that, like me, bing there, and facebook me and youtube and linked in it's vital to cover all the bases you can and for me that includes one of my favorite aspects of photography - commercial photography.  Speaking of that, I almost forgot, I just finished shooting a piece for Western Horseman.  I photographed a real western lady from Montana who will be featured in an upcoming issue of Western Horseman. She is one heck of a lady. Braved the sub zero temps and storm force winds to get the shoot in - bless her heart!

Friend Me, Like Me, or Tweet Me
So, back to business. Even though I like the business side of things, one still has to make images so one of the greatest challenges for a nature photographer is staying fresh and creative.  To me, the office time helps me to be even more focussed when I'm out shooting.  If you're not a member of facebook or yet maybe it's time. . .  

You can find me on facebook, Twitter, and linkedin if you'd like. . .  If you're a member of any of these sites, friend me, like me or tweet me or just say hi!  (am i really saying all that - tweet me . . .   what the heck)?   LOL  

I hope you have a great week!  Talk to you soon. . .


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