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Glacier Park Photographer
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Sunday, February 13, 2011

"Winter Weather" in East Glacier Park

Winter weather on the east side of Glacier National Park typically means cold temperatures and snow.  But it also means Chinook winds.  On Saturday the region experienced some of the fiercest winds of the year. Stations in the region clocks wind speeds at over 100 miles and hour.  

I know it was windy but I had no idea that my trip to Browning from East Glacier Park would turn into such an event. We left East Glacier at about 1pm.  It was windy but very clear and warm. About three miles east of town on highway 2 everything changed and by the time I realized just how bad conditions had become, it was too late to turn around.  Although that would change too as we eventually encountered a jack-knifed semi blocking both lanes. 

Portions of this video of the blowing snow, and high winds along the eastern foothills of the rocky mountain front and Glacier National Park appeared on Great Falls news station KTRV, at 10 o'clock Saturday night.  For those that love weather drama and everything about the rocky mountain front, and Glacier National Park, here's a video you are sure to enjoy. 

After I returned to East Glacier, I checked on Glacier Impressions Gallery, where in the summer we show glacier park art, and it was still in good shape. The snow is 10 feet deep in front of the building, but the building is still there!  Yeah! 

I'm still going to make a winter landscape photography post, but i might have to wait for an opening in the weather!   


Tony Bynum 


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