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Glacier Park Photographer
Fall In Glacier National Park ©

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Glacier National Park Spring, Snow Geese, and Winner of Print Give Aways

What can I say, it's wet, very wet in East Glacier Park. It's raining, the snow is melting and temperatures are on the rise, the birds are returning and the Park Services is clearing roads, which all must mean spring is here.
Bye Bye Winter!  Summit Peak Sun Down, Glacier National Park ©tonybynum
Snow Geese
Speaking of birds returning, I made my annual pilgrimage from Glacier Park to photograph waterfowl at Freezeout Lake Wildlife Management Area near Fairfield, Montana. It was a most unusual year. The weather was typical in the sense that it was spring in Montana - snow, rain, wind, some sun and so on, but was was different were the birds.  The snow geese numbers began to rise but peaked and dropped-out in the same day.  150,000 snow geese came in and left all on the same day.  Watch the snow geese video, I think you'll be impressed with the activity, make sure to turn up the volume!  

Glacier National Park Snow Plowing (photos) (twitter - @glaciernps) 
The National Park Service has announced that it has began plowing the east side roads, Two Medicine, and Many Glacier.  You can continue to watch the road plowing efforts at this link

Recent Interview and Print Give Away
Finalshot Photography and Glacier Park Photographer completed an interview with Solo Adventure. Congratulations to Stephanie from who chosen this photo for her print.  Thank Stephanie and all of those who participated!  

I also have about 4 others that won the recent Tony Bynum Photography give away and your prints have been ordered!  Thank you for your patience, I'll mail them out to you just as soon as I can get them signed and mailed out.  Again, thank you all for participating. 

Big Print, I'd like to share with you a short video of one of my all time favorite prints. A new client of mine just ordered this and I thought others might like to see it, I was very impressed when I opened the box, "Caballada Under the Big Sky," on canvas (scroll down a bit and you'll see the video, it's short). 

Finally, I'm developing two big stories that are not quite ready for prime time, but you all will be the first to find out about the exciting news!  Please let me know if you have any thoughts or want me to address something specific!  

Cheers, and here's to the first bloom, which wont be long now!  


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