Glacier Park Photographer

Glacier Park Photographer
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Friday, May 20, 2011

Scouting Photography Locations,Trapping Grizzly Bears, Glacier Park Art

Grizzly Bears and Grizzly Bear Management
The Montana Fish Wildlife and Parks and other's in the bear management team are ramping up efforts to trap grizzly bears along the Rocky Mountain Front and in Yellowstone National Park!  Locations will be well marked.  Be aware when you're out in the woods and pay attention to signs of bear activity (tracks, scant, freshly turned over rocks - usually large one's - winter kills, crows and ravens in trees - could tip you off to a carrion, etc).  This season it seems that bears are roaming farther out, away from the mountains and subsequently may stay longer in search of greener pastures - pun intended! For more on the story find it at, "agency to trap grizzly's." 

Scouting for that Perfect Shot - sometimes that means I'm not looking to capture that that perfect shot!
Scouting is one of the most important parts of being a nature photographer.  Sure it's thrilling to trip on a gem of a spot and just shoot it on the fly, but in order to create those one of a kind shots, consistently over time, you need to find those locations that are capable of producing the kinds of images you want to create. After you fine them, you need to put together a plan and be ready to implement the plan when the conditions are right.

For example, in glacier national park  this season it's been cold and wet with lots of snow lingering. In some places the snow pack is well over 200% of average water content and some say it's as has high as 390%! This tells me that the potential is there for great color as it warms and the flowers start to bloom!  But it also tells me that all the pot holes that have been dry or very low will fill up.

Yesterday, the air was calm, hardly a breeze - which is unusual around here. So I sprang to action, grabbed my gear and raced out the door. I spend a good half day just hitting all the places that in the past I noted would hold water and be a possible source for a cool glacier park reflection photograph. My mission yesterday was to scout those locations that I know have the potential for producing a great shot given the right set of conditions. On this trip, I did not set out intending to create a master piece photograph, I wanted to cover ground and see as many locations as I could while it was calm!

I know that in the next month things will ripen, the grass will turn green and the flowers will pop! When it's "ripe," I dont want to be searching around looking for that perfect shot location. Instead, I want to know exactly where I need to be for the shot. To that end, I still shot the scenes while scouting just so I could analyze them back home on my computer, knowing full well that the color was not going to be what I wanted. Imagine this shot if the ground were green and the sky and mountains lit like this shot of Sinopah mountain.
The Rocky Mountain Front, Glacier National Park, Montana
Scouting enables me to plot a course for photographic success rather than leaving it to chance. For sure the weather will have to cooperate, but success is when opportunity meets preparation, and I need to be sure that I've done what I can before the opportunity arises.  I do love the organic nature of just wondering around and finding those great places and capturing those spontaneousness photographs that turn into gems, but that's not a good way to do things if your trying to make a career of photography.   

Stay tuned for my next blog post when I explain these . . .   Care to take a guess?  Give it a shot!

Abstracts in nature abound! ©
Abstracts in Nature about! ©
Glacier Park Art online Gallery
I recently set up a new online gallery with a few glacier park photographs.  The online gallery will allow you to purchase directly a few sizes of prints, and other types of swag like key chains, coffee mugs, mouse pads and more!  Any would make a great gift for the Glacier Park enthusiast in your life! The images are of Glacier National Park and were created over the past several years. Click on the picture you like, let it load then add it to your cart (button at the top of the page), then you will be able to select from the list of available products. If you find a photographic image that you like, that's not in the online gallery but on my site, or want to know more about any of the the images, please ask!  Some of the photos in this gallery will also be available this summer at Glacier Impressions Gallery, Highway 49, just down the road from the Glacier Park Lodge here in East Glacier Park, MT.

 Until next time, happy shooting!


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