Glacier Park Photographer

Glacier Park Photographer
Fall In Glacier National Park ©

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Summer Photography, Glacier Park, Blackfeet Reservation

Busy summer so far. It seems like the days are too long, but how could that be, as photographers we need light right? Well, the obvious answer is yes, but in the summer the golden hours of photography are only hours apart - apart between night and day that is! That means that there's about 4-5 hours of sleep when it's dark, if you are on location. Which means most photographers switch to bartender hours - but all of us sleep less - up all night, sleep during the middle of the day. To that end I'd like to share with you a few shots I captured recently.

There are few things that are as captivating to me as tepee's on the prairie and ad some nice clouds and beautiful light and you forget about how tired you really are! The one thing I must share with you is a secret which every photographer knows and until you graduate from knowing it to practicing it, you're just like everyone else.

TePee's in Montana ©tonybynum

The secret is - drum-role please - not a secret at all. Wa-wa-waaaa . . . sorry. In fact, it's just about shooting subjects that are available, and not stopping till you have to. Often times a unique subject, in spectacular light come along so seldom that when it does, you really need to buckle down and shoot photograph it. Seems simple ay. But how many times have you come home and looked at your files from a shoot and gone, "man, I should have shot more of that?" That feeling makes a pit in my stomach every time. It's so disturbing to me that I've turned it into one of my goals. "Never come home and say, I should have shot more of that." Or, "If only I had worked that subject a little harder." If I've seen it once I've seen it 100 times. A subject presents itself and we move on thinking that we can return, or that it will be there tomorrow. Well
I got news for you, IT WON'T!

The moral of the story, as it so often is, is get out and shoot!!!!

Summer days are already getting shorter by about 5 minutes per day. I'm busy planning trips and getting gear ready for the launch of my fall hunting photography. It wont be long now till the green grass gives way to silvery frost . . . Boy, life is about as fantastic as it gets!

TePee's in Montana ©tonybynum

If you're in the Glacier Park area, stop in to Glacier Impressions Gallery in East Glacier Park and say hi to Gina, Stacy or myself! Oh yeah, and one more thing, if you cant get over to East Glacier Park, but you can make it to the Flathead Valley, I just signed on with a Gallery in Polson, MT, it's called the, "Montana West Gallery," stop in and say hi to Shawna Croft, she'd love to meet you! And don't forget you can always check out images on my website,


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