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Glacier Park Photographer
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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Glacier Park Winter Photography - What Polar Vortex - in Montana we call it life!

We have been blessed this winter in Glacier National Park with moderate temperatures, and a modest amount of snow. The wind has been mostly relentless however, with gust's to over 100 mph several times this winter. But, what the wind brings, the wind take-ith away!  This is a photograph of what Glacier National Park, and Highway 2 looks like when the wind is blowing 80 miles per hour.

snow blowing glacier national park highway two montana
Driving west, toward Glacier National Park following a snow storm. The wind is blowing 80 miles per hour across Highway 2 west of Browning, Montana. Summit Mountain is in the far left frame. © Tony Bynum Photography A few years ago i posted this video showing how I drove though a ground blizzard much worse than this - check out the video of a ground blizzard near Glacier National Park. 
After living and photographing Glacier National Park, year around, for the past 10 years, I have learned a lot about when and where to be to capture unique Glacier Park Photographs. Photographing Glacier National Park in the winter is, it's highly variable, from day-to-day. You can count on things being different almost anytime you go!  

For example, if you want great snow covered peaks, arrive the day after a fresh snow fall. . .  Sometimes it's the afternoon after the significant snow event, but most of the time it's the following day that's best for snow covered mountains and trees. Seems like a no-brainier right, we'll there's more. . .   
Glacier National Park winter photograph. This cabin is located just west of the Glacier Park Boundary. Notice the snow covered roof, and mountains in the background. This is before the wind blows. © Tony Bynum Photography
More often, you'll find that the wind blows the snow off the mountains and as it settles it forms deep drifts and fills in the crevices and ravines. In this photograph of the south end of Glacier National Park, taken a couple days after a significant snow fall (the week of January 15, 2014) shows how the snow blows off the mountains and the adjacent prairie. 

This photograph of Summit Mountain, Little Dog Mountain, and the entire south end of Glacier National Park was taken after the snow was blown off the mountains.
Glacier National Park Winter Photograph. Colorful sky over the south end of Glacier National Park, Summit Mountain in the far left.  Notice the snow has blown off the open faces and into the ravines.  ©Tony Bynum Photography
In this image you see what the mountains and trees look like when you catch a new snow fall the day after it snows. Within two or three days, if you get a snow fall, you can capture completely different looking winter photographs of Glacier National Park.
Glacier National Park Winter Photograph. Horses graze on the Blackfeet Indian Reservation with the snow covered prairie and mountains of Glacier National Park in the background. © Tony Bynum Photography
The forecast is for 10 inches of new snow in the mountains starting tomorrow. I'm ready to get out there and photograph winter scenes in Glacier National Park, are you? 

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Tony Bynum 

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