Glacier Park Photographer

Glacier Park Photographer
Fall In Glacier National Park ©

Monday, May 2, 2016

Glacier National Park - it's really open now!

Glacier National Park has "officially" opened. I know the Park Service will tell you, "we are always open," and technically, they'd be correct. What I'm talking about are the Two Medicine, Chief Mountain, and Many Glacier Roads. Those three roads are what allow access into the Park on the east side (Cut Bank Road too). 

Saint Mary is the beginning of the Going to the Sun Road, and it's been open to the Rising Sun campground and boat launch for a couple of weeks now. On the west side the road is open to cars until Avalanche Creek. Some hiker biker access is allowed, consult the National Park Service, Glacier National Park for more specific road and access information.  

I'm happy to say that not much has changed. Glacier National Park is still, in my opinion, the most remarkable place in the lower 48 states! Maybe that's because I've been a year around resident here for the past dozen years.  

Tony Bynum skipping rocks across Two Medicine Lake in Glacier National Park, Montana. The lake was so calm it's reflection looked like a mirror.  ©tonybynum All rights reserved. Please contact me for licensing. 
Just in case any of you are wondering, I can verify also that the smell of the alpine, the cool breeze blowing off the Two Medicine Lake, the birds chirping, and the often loud crashing of cornices busting off Rising Wolf Mountain are also still happening! 

On a recent trip to the "lake" (Two Medicine Lake) as the locals call it, I found Wolverine tracks, Grizzly tracks, Wolf Tracks, Lynx scat. I photographed myself at the lake skipping rocks, a scruffy little snowshoe hare, and a mature male Spruce grouse - my favorite grouse species.

Fresh Wolverine Track in the snow. ©tonybynum 
Male Spruce Grouse in a fir tree. ©tonybynum All rights reserved. Please contact me for licensing.
A snowshoe hare molting it's winter coat . . .  ©tonybynum All rights reserved. Please contact me for licensing.
Glacier Park is officially open. Few if any local resources are operating on the east side, but the park is open. 

For those that like Mexican food, Serranos in East Glacier opened for business on May 1. 

If you're on facebook, I started a "Glacier National Park Art" page a place where people can go to share their own art of the park. . .  Please, if you're on Facebook, and you have something to share, by all means, post it! 

I'm also looking for partners to work with me on this blog.  Photographers, writers, painters media, etc.  My idea is to open this platform up to some of my friends.  I've had this page for 10 years I think and It's time to show the world more than just my words, and photographs . . .  I'd like this to become a community supported page.   

If you're interested please send me a short description of who you are, what you do, and why you'd like to partner with me to produce, the "glacier park photographer."  


Tony Bynum 

Tony Bynum 

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