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Glacier Park Photographer
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Monday, July 21, 2008

From Summit to Little Dog - climbing

I put the landscape photography on hold for a few days and managed, with a friend, to summit two peaks in one day, Summit Mountain, and Little Dog Mountain. the picture above shows both with the false summit of Summit mountain on the right, and the summit of Little Dog on the left, to the west, in the center of the frame, is Glacier Park.

Both are about 10 miles from my house and stand high and jagged on the western skyline when youre headed along highway 2 across Marias Pass. If youre on Marias Pass and look west, you see both mountains. I think we summited both in 12 hours mostly all class 3 but we managed to find some class 4 that we did not expect, that was interesting!

This is a shot looking up to the false summit of Summit, Laurel is actually approaching the saddle or the top of the ridge in just to the right of the ridge, but I think the image is too small to see her, and that is my day pack in the for ground.

On top of Little Dog Mountain, looking north, that's Summit Mountain in the background, and East Glacier Park is off in the distance. We had already finished summit and my friend Laurel took this shot for me.

Here we are on the top of Summit Mountain!

Below is a striking shot of Laurel reaching the knife edge ridge that will take us nearly to the top of Summit Mountain. We had to skirt around a pinnacle toward the top, but mostly it is a ridge climb with lots of cool exposure, goats and awesome views! That's Little Dog Mountain in the middle ground, and the Bob Marshall Wilderness Area beyond that . . .

The flowers are doing their thing at these elevations - 8700 feet, the lithics are in full bloom right now, better get out while the getting's good!


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