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Glacier Park Photographer
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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Time to Climb!

Well, since Indian Days are over (waiting now for Heart Butte Powwow in August) I've been doing a bit of climbing with a beautiful young woman named Laurel. Here she is near the top of Divide Peak, on the boundary of Glacier Park and the Blackfeet Reservation. In the distance you see the eastern edge of the Park, and a bit of White Calf Mountain, Kupunkamint, and Md Wolf Mountains. The Divide Peak climb, is steep, but a relatively easy clime up the north east facing narrow ridge to the summit. Along the way you will see the old lookout, and while youre there you can say "hi" to the marmot that lives there, but be careful, he's not shy, he tried to take off with Laurel's hiking pole on one trip!

The summit of Divide should take about two hours. The terrain is very steep and rugged, and there's lots of exposure to cliffs if you choose the "edge" route. If you dont like to look down off a cliff to a 1000 foot drop you can stay well away from the edge and still make it to the top. The trail head is just about 5 miles south of St Mary's and takes off from the end of a small road at divide pass on hwy 89, there is a small parking lot there and from the lot the trial heads up a narrow spine all the way to the lookout, from the lookout, to the peak, there is not much of a trail although you can pick it out at times. A trail to the peak really is not that necessary anyhow, as you can see the peak from the bottom and it's kinda fun to do your own route finding once in awhile!

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