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Glacier Park Photographer
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Monday, December 22, 2008

Bone Chilling Cold!

After a relatively warm and dry fall, the nature God's, or Goddesse's have gripped northwest Montana with sub zero tempatures for more than two weeks. Much of the region is shivering from the extended and early deep freeze.

Snow has been relatively constant although there's been little accumulation on the east side of the Park. A couple feet in the drifts and bare dirt on the wind blow ridges. . .

On a recent trip to Kalispell I decided to head south and take a look at Flathead Lake. The wind in Kalispell was really boiling and it was, at the time, below zero. High winds and sub zero temperatures are uncommon. I headed down to see what the largest freshwater lake west of the Missouri River looked like as it was churned up by winds and bitterly cold temperatures.

Here's what I found:

Unfortunately, on that day, I also hit a deer with my pickup, it was my first in 38 years. So while it was a bummer, and my truck needs some serious repairs, I'm fine and one deer in 38 years is not bad. If I stick to that average, i'll only hit two more in my lifetime! LOL - that's right, the math is correct, I plan to live a while!

On Sunday the 21st I managed to get out for short ski around the south end of the Park, again, not much snow, enough to ski on, but not enough to get too radical, but it was calm and warmer, temperature was up around 5 degrees and 5 above with no wind means get outside and get the work done and if you have time, go do something fun!

All the roads are closed into the Park except the Mcdonald Road on the East Side. I believe it's open to the lodge. Great time to get out and ski the road up to Avelanch Falls, i'll bet the falls are pure ice!

It's almost Christmas, I wish everyone a very merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


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