Glacier Park Photographer

Glacier Park Photographer
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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Glacier Park Birthday, Empire Builder Cover, Help, Grizzly Bears, Construction, Great Clouds!

Happy Birthday Glacier Park! 
Yesterday was the official Glacier National Park 100 year birthday.  Jaida and I attend the celebration and had a great time!  The weather was great and the people were fantastic!

Glacier National Park Cover
the magazine "Empire Builder" picked up one of my images for the cover of its summer 2010 issue. Here's what it looks like. . .

Help Me Shoot You!
I'm looking for models to help me create images of people recreating and living in Montana and specifically glacier national park. I'd like to shoot hiking and biking. I'd also like to do some exploring around eastern Montana to so if youre from that part of the country and have an interest in making images of you doing something fun, please let me know!

Grizzly's and a Wolf
Check out this great footage of a grizzly sow and two cubs taking on a lone wolf - nothing gory, it's fun to watch!

We're Getting New Pavement!
That's right, the underpass to the lodge on hwy 49 is being redone, and boy is it time. The guys with the state highway department are digging up the underpass hopefully this time the problems will be solved. This road is constantly being torn up and in the past one could lose an entire wheel into one of the potholes, particularly if you come here driving one of those new cars that runs on peddle power a or a plug in! Thanks Montana highway department!

Great Clouds Lately!
This spring has been a bit cold lately but that made for some outstanding clouds and micro-storms over Glacier National Park!

 Until next time, keep shooting!

Tony Bynum


Tammie Lee said...

Tony, you really are gifted at showing off the beauty of this wonderful wilderness!

Stacy B said...

I like the image they chose. The bear grass is so neat!