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Glacier Park Photographer
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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Glacier Park 100 Yrs Old, A New Treat at the Grill, Glacier Impressions.

Glacier Park 100 Yrs Old on Tuesday!
There's only a couple more days to make your plans to share cake at the Parks 100 year birthday party!  Tuesday's the day!  Head on over to West Glacier to join the festivities.  For more information go directly to the Parks site.

I shot the cover for this book . . .

Two Medicine Grill
Everyone knows that Two Medicine Grill, and Ramsey's Fire Brand are the only two restaurants open year around and they are where the locals eat. The Two Medicine Grill is now serving a cheesecake to drive across the Rockies in the blizzard to eat - it's a home made huckleberry cheesecake made by Colleen, the wife of the duo that owns the Grill. Stop in at the Grill and have a slice or if you're a ice cream fan, try a scoop or suck down one of their world class milkshakes.

Ramsey's Fire Brand
What can we say about Ramsey's other than, "go eat there." Basically they make great Montana style food and do it at a reasonable price. When I take people there I always tell them the same think, "everything on the dinner menu is good!" They generally have a special and it's always worth a try. . .

Glacier Impressions Fine Art
Were continuing to make progress on the new digs. The weather has been less that helpful. It's hard to paint and mud when it's so cold, the paint dries slow, and the "mud" is more like rock, making it hard to apply . . . in any event, we are making progress and plan to have a "soft" opening on May 28, 2010 and a "grand" opening later in July. I'll keep you posted on those details in case you're interested in attending or if you just want to keep track of our progress.

My "Wild Montana" Collection
Here's a link to the images shown at the "Wild Montana" benefit show for Headwaters Montana, a non profit working to protect the North Fork of the Flathead River Watershed. This collection, like all my images, are for sale as prints, canvases, aluminum prints or framed art. 
 Sinopah, Glacier National Park

Have a great weekend! 


Anonymous said...

I bought this book with your beautiful photo to give to my husband for our thirty-fifth anniversary. His grandfather was one of the original guides in the park.

Did I win the photo yet??? Still waiting to hear.

Robin Poole said...

Saw the book at Costco. Not only did you get the cover, but it seems that anywhere a current color photo could be shown, it was yours. Good going!!!! The book must be a best seller as a result of your pics.