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Glacier Park Photographer
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Monday, May 3, 2010

I'm Giving Away A Print, It's Greening Up, Amtrack Stops, Billy Bowman at Looking Glass

The golf course in town is open, Glacier Park Incorporated cut the grass at the Two Medicine Lodge, Seranos opened, the hills all are green. . .  I saw my first yellow bells yesterday along the "cut across" road to Heart Butt, and for the first time this year Amtrak stopped in town to exchange passengers - all signs that winter's over and "summer" is just around the corner.  But I cant let winter go that easily! 

I checked out Two Medicine Lake on Saturday and it still was mostly frozen on the east end.  It's been cold and blustery here lately but believe it or not, for those that follow the weather and saw that Montana got a huge dump, we got one or maybe two inches - that's it!  The soggy cold wet stuff piled up around us, but besides for making driving difficult between East Glacier and Browning, and from Browning to anyplace, it was a false alarm storm, the "Blizzard of 2010 that wasn't."

That's quite amazing if you compare that to the Blizzard of 2009 - take a look at this.

Made my first trip, by vehicle up the Looking Glass Road.  And who should I find, none other than Billy Bowman!

Glacier Impressions Gallery is coming along nicely.  If you have not read yet, the new "Glacier Impressions" Gallery will open this spring.  It's located @ 1000 Highway 24, East Glacier Park, between the Spiral Spoon, and the Clarke Gallery and across from the Mountain Pine Motel. Be sure to stop in and see us.   

I've got an idea, I want to start a little game.  How about "guess" this location." I'll put the image up for a couple weeks and to the winner will go a print.  In other words, if you guess it correctly, I'll put your name in a hat, then I'll have my daughter or one of her friends (keep it fun for them too) draw a single winner and I'll send them a single signed print of that image. In you're guess i want at least one landmark named, and this is where it gets fun, and educational - from where was it shot - both should be listed - what's the scene, and from where was it taken. You can win one time per year. 

I would like to have enough people to make this interesting so please don't be shy about asking your friends to play along.  (I know this will potentially reduce your odds, but I want to make this fun and think about it as paying forward if you get your Glacier Park loving friends to play too!)

On a final note, I read where Glacier National Park's Logan Pass was designated an IPA - yea, an IPA - no, not a micro-brew, but the first "Important Plant Area" in Montana. Very cool!  Lets do our part by following the rules up there! 

Have a great day, Tony


Weekend Cowgirl said...

I cannot wait to visit the park this year and to get the special T-shirts! I will visit your shop!!!

sissyjane said...

I don't know where it is, I only know that I adore your photos!
(does that count)?