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Glacier Park Photographer
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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Glacier National Park, Fall Color Update, Sun Road/Logan Pass

Well, the only thing I can say is get ready for fall colors in Glacier National Park - I'm predicting one of the best years in a decade!  The middle and lower elevations where there are aspens are starting now to turn from dark green to light green and yellow, with some orange coming on in places.

Things are going to be outstanding this year! This year we have had so much rain that it's going to be possible to get some stunning colors after a fresh rain!  Grab the cameras and the lenses from 12mm to 300 and get out the door! The best places for fall colors and great vistas is of course the west side of Logan Pass, the Going to the Sun Road, the Two Medicine Valley, the Chief Mountain Road, Cut Bank Creek, and the south route around the park, Highway Two.

On my recent trip around the Park, and up to Waterton International Peace Park, I found that colors ranged from completely orange and peaking up around Sofa Mountain in Waterton and over the Chief Mountain road, to green with some light green to yellow around East Glacier Park.

Full colors are stunning between West Glacier  and East Glacier along Highway 2.  The one thing I have noticed this year is that it's very spotty.  In one place the trees are green and 100 feet over there's an orange tree.  Go figure.  What does this mean.  I'm not sure other than it means you better plan your trip and leave in the next few days . . .

© fall trees glacier national park 
I suspect the overall peak for the east side will be next week to 10 days if the weather holds - it's raining now.  I suggest, when you're here, to shoot just after a rain and with a polarizer filter.  Watch the sky with your polarizer as it can create uneven blues, but use it to help "pop" the colors in the foliage.

Hurry up and get out here for what I think might be the best color in a decade.  And for those that now Glacier Park, it's always a gamble to find good color on the east side.  From one year to the next its always different but it's always a crap shoot!  This year, I'd say is the year to be here!   Time will tell, and if we avoid any big cold snaps and continue with cold nights and relatively warm days, look out!

© fall aspens glacier national park 

Going to the Sun Road & Logan Pass
Accelerated rehabilitation on Going-to-the-Sun Road (Sun Road) starts at midnight, September 19, 2010. Starting Monday, September 20, west side fall motor vehicle access will be restricted at Avalanche. Logan Pass will remain accessible for motor vehicle traffic from the east side, weather permitting, until the pass is closed for the season to all vehicle traffic on Monday, October 18. Hikers are advised that after this weekend
(beginning September 20), no vehicles will be allowed to access the Loop or Packer’s Roost trailheads.

Park Chief of Maintenance Jim Foster stresses that, “Throughout the ongoing Sun Road rebuilding, park visitors will continue to have access to Logan Pass during the fall season, weather permitting, from one side until the third Monday in October, which is October 18 this year.”

Thanks to those that participated in my poll, it's helpful and I'll follow up accordingly.

One last thing - wildlife.  Where are they. . .  Hm. . .  good question.  You can see elk on Two Dog Flats, and up the road to Many Glacier, and some goats and sheep are still being spotted around Logan pass but that will end with snow fall.  Moose, you're guess is as good as mine.  Many Glacier Valley has moose but getting good quality shots of them is a chore at best!  Good luck and happy shooting!


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