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Friday, September 17, 2010

Nikon 200-400mm VR II & TCE III 2x - results

I'm not much of a tele-converter user, and never liked the results i was getting with the 200-400 vr lens and ANY of the converters available today.  For some reason the images always look digital - I'll explain that later in another post.  This is not any kind of bench test but it is a testament to what's possible with the lens and the new TCE III 2x.

I've been waiting for about two months for this new TC. When my camera dealer, CAMERA LAND in NY City called and told me they finally found me a new Nikon TCE III 2x I had them ship it.  Much to my surprise it arrived about 24 hours later -- really, from downtown NYC to Glacier Park in less than 24 hours and to my doorstep no less -- AWESOME, thanks Joel!

Now, I shot this image from my back porch.  Keep in mind that I'm not saying they are perfect or even as good as a 800 prime could be, but for a zoom, and the price of a TC, the results to me are outstanding. . .  I have yet to try this TC on the 500 VR but you can bet I will in the days to come.    

The first image is full frame @ 800mm, f8 (wide open with this combo) @ iso 400, 125 of a second (yes, handheld @ 800mm!)  of a fence post about 50 yards away.  The full frame image is usable, the crop shot, is 1to1.  It's a little soft, but you can see great detail and look at those nails, you can hardly see them in the full frame shot and there's no way you could see them from my porch. So, i'm not sold completely, i'll have see how it does in the field on wildlife, but what I have to say thus far is, "it's simply amazing . . ."

You tell me . . .
Nikon 200-400 VR II & TCE III 2x, @ 800mm f8 (wide open) hand-held!  

1 to 1 Crop of the upside down gusset and nails - Nikon 200-400 VR II & TCE III 2x.  

More real time tests to come. . .

BTW, it's snowing hard and the it's winter driving conditions from East Glacier Park to Browning, MT!

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