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Glacier Park Photographer
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Thursday, May 8, 2014

Deep Snow still in the Two Medicine Camp Ground - Glacier National Park

The Two Medicine Road in Glacier National Park, is open all the way to the Two Medicine Lake. However, the snow is still deep, up to 25 or more feet deep in the deepest drifts!  There a small area to park - right next to the lake and the boat ramp, but don't plan on camping in the Two Medicine Campground any time soon. The snow is still so deep, I doubt we'll be seeing soil in the campground anytime soon!
Sinopah Mountain in Glacier National Park, is at the west end of Two Medicine Lake. Two Medicine Lake is at the end of the Two Medicine Road from East Glacier Park, Montana. The snow still is very deep along either side of the road leading to the Two Medicine Lake. The Two Medicine Lake is still completely frozen. © Tony Bynum

sinopah mountain in glacier national park snow
A deep trench in the snow, Two Medicine Campground.
The trench will help the snow melt. © Tony Bynum 
In this photograph you'll see a deep, narrow trench cut by the Park Service to help open the road. At the bottom of this 30 foot deep trench, the road is wide enough to drive a car down! Right now there's no driving on this area of the Two Medicine camp ground, but the area does offer some fun snow shoeing or bike riding!

Be careful not to slip off and fall into one of these man made crevasse's, you'd be hurt for sure!

The Many Glacier Road too is open, and things in East Glacier Park are starting to buzz! In fact a local favorite restaurant Serrano's just opened, and a the new Rock-n-Roll Bakery is now open for the season. Brownies opens Friday, May 9, 2014, just in time for Mother's day.

Have a great spring!

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