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Thursday, May 1, 2014

Spring in Glacier National Park - grizzly bears, going to the sun road, two medicine, wild goose island

While most grizzly bears are still hibernating along the rocky mountain front, as this recent news article reports, spring is nonetheless progressing.

grizzly bear sow and two cubs in the snow, montana
A grizzly bear sow with two cubs emerge from their winter slumber. Nikon D300, Nikon 500mm f4, VR TC 1.4. This is about a 20% crop, the bears were rather far away and there was no harm done either to the bears or to myself.  I grabbed a few photographs and moved on.  © Tony Bynum Photography
The Two Medicine Road recently opened from the Glacier Park boundary to Running Eagle Falls.

Running Eagle Falls with fresh snow, Glacier National Park, Montana
Running Eagle Falls, Glacier National Park. Nikon d300, tokina atx 12-24 f2.8. © Tony Bynum Photography 
The rest of the road remains open to hiker biker access only. The pavement is clear of snow and ice, so it's an easy ride into see two medicine lake if your up for it. On my recent trip I captured this image of Sinopah Mountain reflecting in Two Medicine Lake. It was a stunning spring day, probably the nicest day of the year here in Glacier National Park!

sinopah and rising wolf mountains reflecting in two medicine lake, glacier national park
Sinopah Mountain, and Rising wolf (frame right) reflecting in Two Medicine Lake, Glacier Nation Park. Nikon d4, nikon 24-120, f16 hand held. © Tony Bynum Photography 
The days are getting longer, it's light till almost 9 PM! There are new faces showing up in town to ready the Village, the lodge, and the Park for tourist season. Things are waking up!  Make sure if you are planing to a trip to Glacier Nation Park, to bring your bear spray, a first aid kit, a water bottle, a gps and maps, a notebook, and camera! If you are traveling by air, forget the bear spray you'll have to buy a can once you land, don't worry, they are available everywhere for about $40 bucks.  When you leave, drop the can off at one of the park gates, or in one of the local shops, and ask them to share it with someone who needs it!

As a side note, I'm told by sources within the Park that the Going to the Sun Road from the mile and a half gate at Saint Mary will open sometime after June 20th this year! That's rather amazing. This mean there's no quick access to the location from which to photograph Wild Goose Island, until after June 20th.

wild goose island sunrise, saint mary lake, montana
Wild Goose Island, Glacier National Park. The wild goose island image is one of, if not the most photographed location in Montana, and certainly within glacier national park. You can hardly go by this location without seeing a horde of people standing there pointing their cameras at it.  Just bare in mine that this is about 10 miles past the gate and wont be accessible until June 20th or so 2014.  Sorry, if you have a complaint, shoot it up the chain to the Park officials. Nikon d700, nikon 24-70 2.8. Tripod, f16, 1.3 seconds, pre sunrise.  © Tony Bynum Photography 
So, in essence, if you're planning a trip to the east side of Glacier National Park, before June 20th, make sure you know that you wont be driving any farther than Saint Mary. The entire area of Two Dog flats, and Rising Sun are closed. The small camp ground at Saint Mary is open however.

wildlife flowers, red eagle mountain, glacier national park, montana
Balsam springs to life in massive fields along Glacier National Park's east side. Two Dog Flats, Red Eagle Mountain, Glacier Nation Park, Montana. Nikon d3, nikon 17-35 f2.8 handheld, f16. © Tony Bynum Photography 
Here's to a wonderful spring in Glacier National Park!

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