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Glacier Park Photographer
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Monday, April 28, 2008

Mountain Goats and Many Glacier

Goats -
Well, if you have not gotten your clean, long haired goat shots, you're going to have to wait until next winter. The goats hides are starting to shed and most look very stained.

Many Glacier -
I road my bike up Many Glacier yesterday. Very windy but fun! The main road from the dam to the campground is clear, all the way. I would expect the park to open the road soon, unless there's some unexpected problem. There are mountains of snow around the hotel's and in some case the cuts made by the snow blowers are 10 or more feet high.

The care taker (Steve) made it through the winter, I spoke to him real briefly. He said he saw one sow and cub a couple days ago, but I did not see any bears, but did see a good number of Rams but only two goats. I crossed path's with three other people, all on their way in as I was on my way out. One on foot, the other two were riding bikes.

The rams were about a mile or more back from the parking lot and about half or more way up Altyn Mountain. NO way to get to them, too much snow and ice. I did bring my snow shoes but the risks of an accident to get to the rams was too great, so i decided to not try it, I guess I'll just have to wait a bit longer. I hope they come down soon, their hides are almost gone for the year, very bleached out and scruffy.

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