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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Roads, Bears, & a Birthday. . .

Spring Is Here in East Glacier!
Hello! Spring is here in the Park - hurray!!! People are showing up, the restaurants are opening (Serrono's), the Villager is getting a complete remodel and update, it looks really, really nice! The new owners put a lot of money into it and really have done a heck of a job. The place should open next week.

A few GPI staff are working to get the lodge open and the Amtrak train instead of stopping in Browning as it does in the winter months, now stops in East Glacier which makes it feel like the town is alive again! Coupled with the 60 degree temps and all the activity, I'd say spring is here!

I went out over the weekend with a friend and we drove up to Many Glacier and St. Mary. The MG road is open all the way to the campground, and the Logan Pass, or Going to the Sun Road, as of 5/13/08 was open to the boat launch at Rising Sun. I expect the rest of the road (to the Jackson overlook) will open any day. The schedule for Logan Pass, or the remainder of the road is June 15th, but I think that's a bit optimistic. Two Medicine is open to Running Eagle, or Trick Falls, I expect the rest of that road to open soon too.

No bears yet. I'm surprised, I usually see a few by now, but with all the snow and cold over the past month many I think have stayed under the snow. I expect any day now they will be very visible -- which reminds me, DON'T FORGET THE BEAR SPRAY!

Tomorrow, the 15th is my daughters birthday, she is 6 but I think she thinks she's 12! LOL

Have a great week!


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